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An ancient land once used as a hunting spot by a world war 1st return army man, Thakur Hardev Singh. A gentleman with bold voice, beards, gun and horse. His son Thakur Bairishal Singh did so many memorable good works for Jhajhar and a very helpful gentleman donates the land for temples and for his paalti or Kaamdar (workers before independence).

Now Ajit Karan Singh, grandson of Bairishal Singh, opens the gate of his country house for the guests as a home stay. In this venture he was helped by his father Ganga Singh retired from the Indian air force. He believes that the concept, the inspiration, the effort, the funds and finally the garden retreat country-house have all been blessings of his manes & the god Vishnu.

On the outskirts of Mandawa, close to ancient town Nawalgarh is “Ajitbagh “a garden retreat tucked away in the Shekhawati. The Ajitbagh garden plays host to a large variety of birds to welcome visitors!!!

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Dear Guest,
Jai Gopinath Ji Ki (a traditional way of greetings in Shekhawati)

I am introducing my ancestral land and charming village, “Jhajhar” to the world. AJITBAGH is a wilderness type of lodge or a camp located in the Jhajhar Village.
I don’t say, this is the best place of the world but yeah… I can say this is the place where you can spend peaceful and loving moments, my little effort to give flash with the feelings of colorful culture and saga of Shekhawati.
As a family owned and operated business it is my personal goal to ensure that everyone who enters the gate of AJITBAGH feels like a guest visiting my home, whether you are attending an event, staying in one of our guest rooms, joining us for dinner, having a private tour or high tea.

Warm regards
Ajit Karan Singh

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