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JHAJHAR VISIT - Get off to the charm of 17th century Shekhawati village, Jhajhar. You will find here old cenotaphs, havelis, beautiful frescoes, temples, wells, people in colorful dress and many more. 

Have an amazing walk on the old streets of this heritage village, interact with villagers, see their daily routine life, their colorful costumes, style of dressing, unique turbans. After experience the village by inside, please come out with a jeep safari and explore the vast wilderness grounds, Khejri trees, wild grass, akada plants, the local birds all are going to welcome you.
-----• RAGHUNATH JI MANDIR : A double storey Hindu temple built by Thakur Nathu Singh. Walls are beautifully painted by frescos in the typical style of Shekhawati art. Wall paintings based on the theme of the stories of Ramayan and Lord Krishna. Located in the heart of Jhajhar village. Old wooden doors covered with brass and the wall paintings are the main attraction. 
-----• HAVELI (old mansions) : There are so many amazing havelis having attractive fresco paintings, carved wooden doors etc. The havelis of Shekhawati are a prime attraction of the region. In Shekhawati firstly, frescoes were introduced by Shekhawat Rajputs in their forts, castles and palaces. Later on this concept of wall painting also used by the other people in their homes. 
-----• OLD WELLS & CENOTAPHS: Wells of Shekhawati are different from other regions. Because of the cenotaphs and the pillars.
HAVELI & FRESCO VISIT - Haveli means the old mansion with open courtyards and the fresco means the wall paintings. Shekhawati is the world’s largest “open air art gallery”. In Shekhawati firstly, Shekhawat Rajputs introduced frescoes in their forts and castles. Later on this concept becomes popular in Shekhawati and local merchant people also start painting their homes with frescos, and Shekhawati got new name “Open Air Art Gallery”.
The havelis of Shekhawati are a prime attraction of the region. The highlights of the havelis are the frescoes that are seen almost everywhere - on the facades, gateways, courtyard walls, parapets and ceilings. The frescoes have varying themes that reflect the Rajput battles, rulers, kingdoms, old life and lifestyle of the Shekhawati people
You can visit easily all famous tourism spots, havelis & museums of Shekhawati. Because all are close to the Ajitbagh Camp: Jhajhar, Nawalgarh, Dundlod, Mukundgarh, Mandawa, Mahansar etc.
BANGLE MAKERS - Special attraction for ladies the bangles of Rajasthan style. Our guests can see the bangle making here and obviously one can buy and try on her hands.
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