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Shekhawati means the “Land of Shekhawats” or the “Garden of Shekha”, is a semi-arid historical region located in the northeast part of Rajasthan, India. Its name originated from the Shekhawat Rajputs. Formally, it was the part of Jaipur princely state.
Shekhawati was the largest Nizamat (district) in the state of Jaipur, which is almost entirely occupied by Shekhawats. The Shekhawat chieftains of the region retained a nominal loyalty to the Kachhawa Rajput's capital state of Jaipur, who in turn honored them with the hereditary title of Tazimi Sirdars. The rulers of the Shekhawati's Thikanas (feudal states) were the Shekhawat sub clan of the Kachhawa Dynasty of the Jaipur Princely State. Colonel J.C. Brooke, in his book Political History of India, wrote, “For the recruitment of cavalry, there is no region in India at par with Shekhawati”.
The inhabitants of Shekhawati are considered brave, sacrificing and hard working people. The region provides the highest number of people to the Indian Army. The region of Shekhawati is also known as "Scotland of India" because of its brave, sacrificing and painstaking Rajput people who are ancient rulers and military men.
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